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After-Installation case

Conference room、Reception room、Office

Installation method:Exposed

Location: Taichung

Types of housing:Conference room、Reception room、 Office

Solutions:Install All Best Check in conference room, reception room, and office. Update to modern and manageable room.


Installation method:Installation method): In lighting box

Location:Dadu District,Taichung

Types of housing:Townhouse

Solutions:It’s hard to wire again in this 30-year building, but the homeowner wanted to replace those old switches to smart switches, so he chose All Best Check. He said “It really Improve the quality of life, makes my house modern.

Townhouse-The Worship Hall

Installation method:In lighting box


Types of housing:Townhouse-The Worship Hall

Solutions:The homeowner often to work at the farm, but he has to rush home to turn the lights on, in the evening. His son, who works in Technology Company, decide to buy our products to solve the problems. With the Timing schedule function, when the evening comes, the lights will automatically turn on.

In Chinese traditional mindset, the lights illuminated at the night will make people feel relieved. All Best Check can make traditional lighting system become remote APP control system without changing circuit.

pre-owned house(solitary)

Installation method:Exposed


Types of housing:pre-owned house(solitary)

Solutions:This building is beside fire wall, so the rear part of the house will become dark when evening. The homeowner ask us to install All Best Check and keep original switches to increase safety for the elderly. We update the lighting system without wiring.


Installation method:Switch box


Types of housing:Apartment

Solutions:Update to remote APP control, all lights off in OneTouch system. The client, who often go abroad, he want to create a situation that someone is at home to anti-thief. Update to remote APP control and all lights off system, all you have to do is installing an All Best Check in switch box.

Underground Parking Lot

Installation method:Underground Parking Lot


Types of housing:Underground parking lot

Solutions:The lighting control method in underground parking lot is usually only the wall switches, and it is quite often that someone forget to turn the lights off. However, if you use PIR to control the lights, it’s will be a trouble when you looking for something in your car, cause the light will blinking. Installing All Best Check and PIR together can make PIR system and remote control system work simultaneously, furthermore, you can set timing control functions.





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